The End of 2010

This blog post is a little out of the blue – and doesn’t entirely fit with my usual un-personal blogging approach, but hey ho. I really just wanted to pass on the message to my [admittedly non-existent] readers that I am still around, still feeling all political. Unfortunately the timing of my blog was not the best: I did have and still do have a journal to run; I had a communications strategy to develop for the Red Cross Student Society; then there was a part-time job to maintain a steady cash-flow; and, I have a degree to work towards (and wanting a first class honours needs a fair amount of attention). Needless to say, the blog had to be postponed.

Judging from the above, it is easy to understand that I’ve been insurmountably busy. Almost all of it has paid off. Canvas, founded earlier this year, has shot to success and a wide readership; the Red Cross Student Society has raised over £1,400 in less than three months (Forge Press, 30:2010); I’m slowly saving up coins to do an MA, and I’m borderline first.

2010 has generally been a good year for me. I wish I could say the same thing more generally. It has seen a lot of change – not least with the forming of the coalition government in the UK. There has been colossal bad news all round; yet equally there has been some good news. I can’t be bothered to go into it though. If you haven’t been following current affairs this year then there is no point reading this blog in the first place, nor is there a chance that you’ve stumbled upon it.

I did intend to give some top ten important stories or themes of the year. Again, this did not materialise. Way too much effort – maybe one day when someone reads my blog, I will be happy to go to the trouble.

I am also looking forward to next year: the Big Society, student protests, democratic governance, electoral reform, book reviews, political theory – ideas are spilling over very well. I just need time to write them down.



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