New Directions

That moment when I checked my registration number, forever etched into my brain, against the board and matched it up to my degree classification is definitely one that will stay with me forever. Those numbers, 080160654, under the heading ‘First Class Honours’. I had to check four times. What if I had mistook a ‘6’ for an ‘8’? Was this all just wishful thinking, just what I wanted to see? It was the grade I had wished for, hoped for. It was a relief to know that all the hard work had paid off.

That moment was the culmination of long hours in Western Bank Library, the place I simultaneously love and hate. Love, for the good times and the end result. Hate, for all the painstakingly slow progress I made each day. It was also the reason that gedmar suffered such a long groan of silence. I would have loved to have been able to blog more often. But once I knew my dissertation title, I went all out for it. Hours were spent in Western Bank (the ‘wub’) to complete my history dissertation, write my politics project, publish Canvas, work out plans for the Exchange, and revise for the two most daunting (and last ever) history exams of my life. On 01 June it was all over.

And with it, my old projects kick started back into life. Dreams about frequently blogging, doing regular exercise and learning to cook re-appeared. I have since done none, but I hope to start from now (ish). This summer I plan to immerse myself in these things (exercise not so much). There are lots of things I want to explore over the summer. I want to research the breadth and depth of political issues that have been, to say the least, ‘bugging’ me. These include the NUS, HE more generally, historical theory, consumption, social identity, societal relations, political reform, multiculturalism, globalisation, the environment, recent British history and books. So many books! So many questions!

What I am trying to say is: gedmar will take on new directions. I will attempt to analyse current affairs as before, something which has become even more important with the recent News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal. Social media and new forms of communication, i.e., blogging, are ever more important given the way that News International operates. But this is not all – I also want to reach into uncharted territory, from the depths of political philosophy to the heights of social conflict. This is a lesson I learnt over the past few months, and lessons I want to turn into practices. That First Class Honours isn’t just a degree on paper. It was an entire experience, and one that I want to put to use.


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