Vote Marc Geddes for Politics Councillor 2010-11

It is that time of year when the pinnacle of our Union chooses its departmental representatives. I have nominated myself (see here for my Facebook campaign) to stand for this election, with the hope of securing an important and useful role at University and our Union. I am standing because I have learnt a lot over the past two years, and I want to see my experience put to some use. I have enjoyed my time incredulously, and want to make sure that student life remains as good.


1. Defence Against Cuts

The cuts will come, to which I am fully opposed. In some ways, I know that students must bear their share of austerity, but it should not be at the price of aspiration. I do not support the entrenched cuts that D Cam and Cleggy Weggy propose.

  • I will fight to prevent a no-limit cap on tuition fees.
  • I propose an FOI request into a complete breakdown of how tuition fees are spent by the Department of Politics.
  • I will defend our already high teaching quality to make sure that the cuts will not affect the quality of teaching.

2. Union

Our Union is best union in the UK – I want to make sure that this stays that way. The Union is a strong body to represent students, but I believe it can do some things better. I want o see more independence from the University, in order to become a more effective organisation to hold the University to account. I also believe that our Union needs to become more democratic.

  • I want to make it easier to trigger a Union-wide referendum.
  • I wish to see a full review of our environmental policies.
  • I want to make Freedom of Association and Expression a central tenet of our Union – regardless of your viewpoint, you should have the freedom to express it.
  • I fully endorse the Nestle boycott.

3. Representation

Council is a huge part of students’ lives, even if many don’t realise this. As part of my campaign to make our Union more democratic, I also want information to be more open and more accessible.

  • I will hold Council surgeries once a week for anyone to come talk to many on any Council, Union or Departmental issue.
  • I will put the interests of Politics students at the centre of my campaign – I represent you wholly, and any issue you raise I will follow up.

4. Activities, Charities and our Local Community

Our Union has the potential to be the kernel of the local community. I want to change our image from lazy students into pro-active members of our local communities. With over 200 societies, I think we can all get involved with all sorts of activities, and feel that we need to get more involved.

  • I will work with PolSoc, the Exchange, Canvas and our Department to make Activities the heart of the student experience at University.
  • I want to see greater awareness of local issues within the student population and enhance the various community projects that already exist.
  • I wish to enhance the role of Sheffield RAG and PolSoc Charities and Volunteering to make sure that we do our bit for the local community.

The time to make a real difference is now. The cuts will affect all of the things mentioned above – the teaching quality, the Union’s ability to engage students, and our local community. We cannot sit around and wait for the future, high paying fee students to sort University and Union out, because the Future Is Now.

These are my four pledges. But I am not the only one standing, and if you do not like my policies, take a look at Sam Mannion, Gemma Bird, Patrick English and Ian Goley – information can be found here.

My Experience:

  • Staff-Student Committee 2008/09
  • Exchange Volunteer 2009/NOW
  • Editor-in-Chief, Canvas 2010/NOW
  • British Red Cross Student Society Volunteer 2010/NOW

These election DO matter, so please use your vote.

Marc Geddes


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