Too Busy

The society in which we live deserves our undivided attention. Yet all we seem to do is brush all ideas aside, ignore them or forget them. It would be against our interests to examine the way we live. Traditions are now so deeply entrenched that it would be ‘immoral’ to question the state we’re in. Almost too readily have we accepted the momentous event of 1989 and the ‘end of history’. The comforts of repetition and routine have instilled within us a sense of subliminal submission to the inherent structures of our capitalist society. The intellectual climate is in awe of the neo-liberal and capitalist foundations of our social organisation to such an extent that to criticise them would result in immediate annihilation.

But the most alarming problem is the common argument that we are ‘too busy’. All day, every day, this argument is part of all of us. We do not think. We do not understand. We do not question. We conform. We accept. The condition we’re in needs to be addressed. I wish to do nothing more than stimulate further discussion and debate. The intellectual climate at present has succumbed to a singular, monolithic mode of neo-liberal thought. There is no room for debate anymore, because Anglo-Saxon capitalism has ‘won’.

I hope not. But in order to understand our present state, it is necessary to look at who we are and how we are. This requires us to look into our foundational human nature, as well as our evolving social organisation. Once our state and our past have been recreated, albeit briefly, can they be understood. It is essential to understand who we truly are, in order to see where we truly belong. The aim of politics should concern itself with nothing more than creating harmony. It would be easy to say that this is impossible to achieve. But would it be wrong or futile to try?

Throughout my blog I wish to look at human nature at its most basic. I also want to examine the evolution of social organisation and investigate the condition we are in today. Lastly, how can we achieve a better society? I have numerous scattered notes on political thought everywhere – on the sides of my textbooks from school, within lecture notes, on post-it notes, and random attempts to write brief overviews of my worldview. This is another attempt. This time there is a difference – rather than writing one account, I have attempted to give swift accounts with enough coherence to be of some interest.



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